Walking for Health and Longevity


As a naturopath clients are frequently telling me, “that is too expensive… What can I do for free that will improve my health?” I simply reply, “put on your running shoes and start walking”.

Hundreds of medical studies show that regular exercise such as walking is good for health — very good, in fact. More than 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates said, "Walking is a man's best medicine." Is he right?

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Green Drink

Get Your Green On!

Fresh Green drinks are made from raw plants that are great sources of chlorophyll, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. Green drinks are excellent detoxifiers and blood cleansers that help maintain alkalizing pH levels, aid in weight loss, fight fatigue, increase metabolism, and contribute to overall health.

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Immune System

How to Boost the Immune System

The immune system is your body’s primary protection against disease and it is up to you to keep this first line of defense strong. Your immune system cannot fight a winning battle unless it is armed with the highest quality shields and weapons. Cleansing your body of dangerous pathogens and fortifying your immune system with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory support, renews your ability to maintain optimum health.

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Detoxify Daily

Detoxify on a Daily Basis

It is totally beyond our control to eliminate our body's exposure to the deadly toxins, viruses, and heavy metals we come in contact with on a daily basis.

To improve our health and prevent premature aging, we must have a means to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from our body and lessen our "body burden".

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Spoon Fed Antibiotics

Combating Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are drugs used for treating infections caused by bacteria. Also known as antimicrobial drugs, antibiotics have saved countless lives.

Misuse and overuse of these drugs, however, have contributed to a phenomenon known as antibiotic resistance. This resistance develops when potentially harmful bacteria change in a way that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of antibiotics.

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