Go Green!

Earn Cash

Recycle Your Used Water Module Cables

The water module cable recycling program is available for all Lectro Chi Eco-Friendly Energy Spa users. The program rewards you with $20.00 towards the purchase of a new module and lessens our foot print on earth's environment through recycling tens of thousands of feet of cable annually.

How Does it Work?

Send in the cables from your used water modules and receive a $20.00 discount per cable towards the purchase of a water module. For example; if you send in 5 cables a discount of $100.00 would be rewarded towards the purchase of a water module. Note: The cables only carry value in the form of a discount on purchased water modules. They do not carry value towards the purchase of other products or cash


What are the recycled cables used for?

We use the recycled cables to build eco-friendly water modules. These are a less expensive alternative to our standard water module. The cables are tested, sterilized, and equipped with new surgical grade stainless steel plates. The manufacturing process is the same for the eco-friendly water modules as with the standard water modules. The only difference is the eco-friendly modules are manufactured with recycled cables.

What is the process for getting the discount?

Option 1: You can send in the cables prior to purchasing a water module. Your discount information is kept on file and the discount will be applied to your purchase. If purchasing online the discount will be applied to your credit card after the transaction clears.

Option 2: You can purchase a water module and the discount will be applied to your credit card when the cables arrive. Please insure that we receive the cables within 10 days of the purchase. Include your contact information so that the proper discount is applied to your purchase.

Where do I send the cables?

Lectro Life Technologies, LLC
Attn: Eco-Friendly Returns
5815 82nd Street
STE 145 #226
Lubbock, TX 79424