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Lectro Life Technologies, LLC is all about you. The majority of our team are professional health and wellness experts. Our passion is helping educate you on a natural, safe, progressive, and a non-invasive path to health and vitality. A simple phone call or email is all it takes to become a member of our community.

Healthy Solutions

Our Products
Ionic Spas

The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spas are designed to work on the principles of bio-energy, ionization, and electrolysis.

Water Modules

Lectro Chi water modules are skillfully manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials available.


Our all natural, multi-dimensional, orthomolecular nutraceuticals are synergistically formulated for maximum cellular utilization.

Dead Sea Salt

Lectro Life Technologies Dead Sea Salt is harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is at its highest. The unique composition of minerals is the reason Dead Sea Salt has become famous for its many natural therapeutic properties to treat and care for the body.


Lectro Chi Tub Liner's, User Manual's, Power Supplies, and other peripheral's are found here.

Healthy Thoughts

Green Drink

Get Your Green On!

Fresh Green drinks are made from raw plants that are great sources of chlorophyll, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. Green drinks are excellent detoxifiers and blood cleansers that help maintain alkalizing pH levels, aid in weight loss, fight fatigue, increase metabolism, and contribute to overall health.

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Detoxify Daily

Detoxify Daily

It is totally beyond our control to eliminate our body's exposure to the deadly toxins, viruses, and heavy metals we come in contact with on a daily basis.

To improve our health and prevent premature aging, we must have a means to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from our body and lessen our "body burden".

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Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis


Heavy metal water analysis testing is one of the rigorous tests performed on the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa. We had this test performed, because it is imperative to validate/refute claims that heavy metals and toxins are leaving the body during a Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session.

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Healthy For Life
About Us

Your health, wellness, vitality and well-being is our number one priority. We understand the intimacy associated with health and realize that in many cases the integrated, holistic, or alternative health field is a new endeavor for many individuals. For this reason, we respect you, your health, and your journey in personal growth as SACRED GROUND.